Family-Based Immigration

At SMS Law Firm, we believe that families should not be kept apart from one another because of national borders. We can successfully help many people navigate their cases. Family-based immigration law is complex and requires the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Attorney James S. Shih assists U.S. citizens with preparing the documentation to bring their family members over on extended visas and green cards throughout San Diego.

What Relatives Can A U.S. Citizen Sponsor?

Suppose you have immigrated from another country, obtained United States citizenship, and now wish to do the same for your family members. In that case, our firm is here to help. It is important to remember that the process may be different for them because of your country’s permanent legal status. Under particular circumstances, United States citizens can petition for their family members’ permanent residency and imitate the process for their citizenship.

Family members eligible for such petitions include:

  • Spouses
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings

Depending on the familial relationship’s nature, there are several types of family visas available to begin this process. Immediate relatives eligible for these visas include children under the age of 21, parents, and spouses.

Immigration For Immediate Relatives

Below is a list of family-based visas available for immediate relatives. These can be used to start the immigration process for immediate family members.

Visas and preferences for immediate relatives:

  • First Preference (F1) – for unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens (21 years of age and older)
  • Third Preference (F3) – for married sons and daughters (any age)
  • Fourth Preference (F4) – for brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens (if the U.S. citizen is 21 years of age and older)
  • Fiancé Visas (K1) – for fiancés of U.S. citizens
  • Spouse Visa (K3) – for spouses of U.S. citizens

Options For Non-Citizen Permanent Residents

Even if you have yet to receive citizenship and are still under the status of a permanent resident, there are still options to help your family members gain legal documentation as well.

The list is different for the types of visas:

  • Second Preference (F2A) – for spouses and children of lawful permanent residents (unmarried and under 21 years of age)
  • Second Preference (F2B) – for unmarried sons and daughters of lawful permanent residents (21 years of age and older)

Plan on petitioning for sponsoring an immediate family member. Our San Diego family-based immigration attorneys can help guide you in the immigration process. We are here to help you with the application and any required documents. We are also prepared to answer any of your questions. Call us at (619) 342 – 7887 or send us an email if you have any additional questions or would like to request a consultation at SMS Law Firm today. 

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