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    Friday, May 31st, 2019

    EB5 Program in a Nutshell

    EB-5 is a program where a foreign person and their family seeking to come to the United States can invest $500K USD in a government certified program and receive a visa, thereafter followed by a permanent residency. This investment does, however, have certain conditions imposed by the USICS. These conditions include: (1) the capital used […]

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    Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

    What is the L1 visa?

    L1 is a temporary work visa that permits a foreign company to transfer high-level managers or executives (L1A) or workers with specialized knowledge (L1-B)  to the United States. The foreign company does NOT need to be in the same field of business.  What are the requirements? The main requirements a beneficiary being transferred to the […]

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    Monday, August 20th, 2018

    Why Brazil?

    In the past years, Brazil has consolidated its position as a strong and attractive global player with a high degree of economic diversification and is currently the seventh largest economy in the world. The economic development of the past years resulted in an expanded mass consumer market and increased social equality, an environment of institutional […]

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    Friday, January 12th, 2018

    SMS Law Firm is in Taiwan!

    We’re excited to say that SMS Law Firm is ever expanding and increasing our range and areas of service. If you’ve taken the time to read about Stella Shih, you’ll know that she speaks fluent Taiwanese. We’ve taken our first steps in Taiwan and opened a new location, you can find our branch office at: […]

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    Friday, January 5th, 2018

    The EB-5 Program Is Beneficial for Both the U.S. and Investors, but be careful of Fraud

    The allure of permanent residence offered through the EB-5 program is clear to both USCIS and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. It is also clear that the SEC is aware that fraud runs rampant through the industry. Under the EB-5 regional center program, business owners apply for their businesses to be designated as regional […]

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    Saturday, December 30th, 2017

    EB-5 Extended Until 1/19/2018 In Its Current Form – Indian Investors Are Taking Advantage

    On 12/22/17, the House and Senate passed a spending bill which extends the current federal budget until 1/19/2018. By passing a short-term bill, the EB-5 program will be extended without any changes, because current federal programs and spending will be preserved until 1/19/2018. More importantly, this means that the minimum investment amount for the program […]

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