About Us

SMS Law Firm is a boutique law firm with over 40 years of combined experience. We specialize in providing top-tier legal services to customers all over the world. We've served clients and their families from over 27 different countries.

From immigration to business formation and wealth protection, we care about delivering our clients and their families the best ethical approach with all the information and knowledge needed to give you the best advice to get through the tangled legal process. We understand how exhausting this might be, so we want to ensure everything is simple and more reliable for you.

Since we know the amount of stress they might be facing, we treat our clients with respect, kindness, and the honesty they deserve. We are devoted to providing an authentic, and efficient service.

Our Values


Integrity is the foundation for trust, which is essential for healthy relationships, success, and accomplishing business goals.


We will be attentive from our first meeting to give you the confidence you need to feel free to speak your mind and tell us your true expectations and your current legal situation. That way, we'll be able to walk through this journey together.


Diversity is a value often overlooked in the workplace. However, we take the right steps to ensure our employees are diverse and inclusive. Since we fully comprehend how different people are and how diversified their cases can be, our team is open-minded, compassionate, and dedicated. We are skilled and prepared to help every client, no matter the problem.


To ensure our work is honest, we need to know what our customers want and need. We will always ask you every question needed and will be open to answering your concerns anytime with no restrictions.

Why Trust SMS Law Firm?

At SMS Law Firm, we understand every client is different, and we strive to make you feel comfortable when you hire us to solve all your legal problems. We have different lawyers dedicated to diverse practice areas to help each customer find the one that fits their needs.

We have comprehensive expertise and experience in the field and are continually educating ourselves about the new regulations and changes every system goes through to ensure you have a higher rate of success. We are fully committed to your case, so you can always trust us to have your back.

Meet Our Attorneys

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Senior Partner

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SMS Law Team

SMS is Family

At SMS Law Firm, we are family. From administrator to attorney, every person is a valued member of our family. 

We strive to provide a challenging environment for highly versatile individuals which play a pivotal role in providing quality services to our clients. We focus on giving an environment of competence, responsibility, and family to build each team member’s confidence to adapt to any solution – no matter how tough.

Hear from our family how we grow and help our clients together. 

Legal Support Team


Work at SMS Law Firm is both rewarding and challenging. SMS Law holds us in the legal support team in very high regard and only expect the highest quality of work from these positions. That being said, all attorneys and legal staff at SMS Law will agree that being a law clerk is a very daunting, but rewarding task. As law clerks, we are given real hands on experience in dealing with clients by interacting with them and assisting in paperwork just as a practicing attorney would in real time.

 All of our work is carefully supervised to ensure that any final product is the highest standard which SMS Law ensures to all of its clients. This allows all law clerks at SMS Law to work in a healthy, efficient, and effective legal practice at SMS Law with bright futures. This strategy opens up the door for law clerks to have the best work experience while ensuring top-tier quality legal work. In light of this, SMS Law is growing at a rapid speed and all law clerks that make it through the process are typically offered a post-bar job, thereby allowing them to start their honorable profession as an attorney in an environment that they are comfortable, confident, and proud to work in. We pride ourselves in our mentoring program and our pride in this program shows very clearly in our work product from all law clerks and associates at SMS Law.

Shanghai, China

As the international APAC office in SMS Law Firm, we have learnt numerous skills and experienced many things that can only be achieved working in this wonderful company. It can be extremely challenging, with tasks varying from simple administration to serving multiple millionaire clients. We mostly cater to immigration cases, and as all of us are bilingual in Chinese Mandarin and English; this is beneficial to communicating with agents and clients who prefer their native language.

We are proud to have been able to meet the expectations of trust, confidentiality, and diligence that the attorneys supervise us, even if it does result in a mountain of paperwork. We never knew, till now, that paper cuts were a job hazard! The work can be intimidating and at times overwhelming. However, we know that the SMS Law team is supports us and is behind us. All of it is worth it when the applications pass, and we successfully fulfill the clients’ goals. At SMS Law Firm, we prioritize customer service, and we strive to serve our clients with the best of our abilities.