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Many consumers find tax issues to be rigid, overly-complex, and devastating to their present and future financial situations. Hiring an experienced tax attorney to represent you in your matters will help relieve your financial and mental burden of dealing with your tax issues.

For consumers, SMS Law Firm has successfully negotiated hundreds of tax settlements for our clients by lowering monthly payments, reducing the total balance, and settling client accounts with the IRS. Our firm specializes in negotiating reduced tax payments for clients facing economic hardship. Many times, we are able to lower the total debt owed. Further, we may be eliminate your debt entirely and/or obtain a refund for you if you are qualified as an innocent spouse or injured spouse pursuant to new guidelines set by Congress.

Our Firm also provides advice for international and U.S. business owners regarding tax consequences during formation of corporations. We will be able to assist you in determining the best tax structure and forming your corporation.

  • California Bar Admission
  • Federal Tax Court practice admission
  • United States District Court admission
  • Speak Chinese, Taiwanese and English
  • Congress has liberalized the guidelines to allow more people to be considered Innocent Spouses.
  • An innocent spouse can be relieved of responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties of your spouse.
  • There are numerous qualifications a potential Innocent Spouse must meet before being considered an Innocent Spouse.
  • A taxpayer is an “Injured Spouse” when their refund is kept by the IRS to pay the other spouse’s unpaid debts (such as a past-due tax, child / spousal support or student loans).
  • The “Injured Spouse” may be able to get back their share of the refund by filing certain forms with the IRS.
  • There are numerous qualifications a potential Injured Spouse must meet before being considered an Injured Spouse.

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