Our firm is experienced in defending consumers and can provide you with the following services:

  • Receive licensed attorney representation
  • Avoid filing bankruptcy
  • Eliminate harassing debt collection calls
  • Debt settlement
  • Eliminate debt
  • Protect your long term credit rating
  • Lawsuit defense if applicable

Our firm can help protect your rights and will provide sound advice and representation in your defense. As stated, we provide a free, initial consultation for all of our services which is especially pertinent in Consumer Debt Defense as we will provide an honest opinion on what to expect after retaining our services.

Consumer Debt Defense

One of the most pressing issues for the average American is paying their credit card bills that they have fallen behind on. The repercussions from an unpaid credit card bill can be severe. Harassment at your home and work, destruction of your credit rating, and many times, lawsuits and more legal problems. If you are faced with defending a lawsuit filed against you by your creditors and/or debt collectors, don’t let them or their lawyers scare you.

What You're Up Against

A majority of debt collectors routinely violate Federal laws and mislead consumers into believing they have a valid claim. Debt collectors are often times predatory and take advantage of the knowledge that the average consumer is too busy and/or doesn’t understand the laws that are in place to protect them from predatory lending, contract law violations, and unlawful collection practices. They also believe that even if you did understand, you won’t expend the time or money to hire an experienced attorney to defend your rights.

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